Let's just paint a picture, music on, having fun, feeling like an absolute BEAUTIFUL BABE, celebrating you, who you really are. 

Professional hype woman because every woman deserves to have some fun, feel beautiful + love herself!


My goal is to give you a total safe space, to help guide you through the whole photoshoot, and to help you fall in love with yourself again!

Boudoir is for literally EVERY. SINGLE. BODY. TYPE. Every shape and size, tall or a shortie like me. Show what you want, if that's a little or even a lot, either way I want every woman that books with me to feel comfortable with me and during the whole time of our shoot!

Lets get into some difficult poses that will make you sore the next day but totally look like the total BABE that you are and have some fun!


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I totally believe boudoir is more than just photos for you or even for your significant other - it's a time for you to have some fun, a chance that you get to find yourself again and feel really confident in your own body, and realize you are what God created you to be.

Send it, i'LL CAPTURE IT!

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Boudoir By Jen Courtney

Mini: 30 minutes  Full: 50 minutes 
Extended: 90 minutes

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We are truly excited to capture some of your most cherished moments with those you love! 

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