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   So originally Simply JC was named after my beautiful wife, Jen Courtney, who is our professional photographer! Now funny enough, the name is still perfect for our business as I, Chris, came into the "picture". We are a husband & wife PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY Team who loves being creative, shooting & filming together for shoots or for fun memories to share with our kids one day on our YouTube page. We might have a slight obsession spending too much time editing for our perfect LIGHTLY SUN KISSED, CREAMY GOLDEN tones.

Hey, we're Jen & Chris!

   Jen started Simply JC Photography in 2016 in Arizona, while now in Idaho, serving many couples with weddings, engagements, and couple sessions, while I worked with athletes in a sports ministry for over 5 years while gaining photo & videography experience through sports camps, clinics, and events. We are based out of the Boise, Idaho area but travel often throughout all the Pacific Northwest, Utah, Arizona, and California, while we are fully open to serving you in any other state or with destination weddings & elopements if we are available!

Jen started Simply JC Photography in 2016

So originally Simply JC was named

   So we just got married ourselves in September of 2023 after a successful long distance relationship between Arizona & Idaho! Its been such a blessing getting to work together as Husband & Wife, especially with all the quality time, but the adventures have only begun with a lifetime to play, love, laugh, and create the most cherished memories together.

So we just got married ourselves 

   I think that's one thing Jen & I are excited about for you. Whether we get to personally capture & bring to life some of your most valued & precious memories for your wedding, or a fun couples shoot to remind your kid's that "mom & dad were HOT back in the day...and still are!" to the big life moments with new borns, seniors and all the family shoots across the years, we'd hope to be apart of some of the greatest love, laughter & playful times for you to relive through PHOTO & FILM. We might only get once chance to talk on the phone and meet up, or maybe we become best friends?! All we know is you'll get a real deep passion and heart from us to deliver the beautiful moments Jen & I are truly excited to take for you!

   I think that's one thing Jen & I are excited about for you. 

 we know is you'll get a real deep passion and heart from us 

a Husband & Wife duo, your personal
hype couple & wedding day best friends!

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Our Life as Husband & Wife

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

My camera

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Sound like you? We'd love to meet you

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You're not afraid to be a total goof, have fun, & show some PDA that'll make you want to relive those memories!


Sound like you? We'd love to meet you

You care about your Real Genuine Sweet & Candid Moments because TBH life isn't always "perfect"


Sound like you? We'd love to meet you

You love our Lightly Sun Kissed Golden style, & want your day to look the same


Sound like you? We'd love to meet you

You want your Wedding to perfectly fit your love story!


Sound like you? We'd love to meet you

You don't mind if we become friends throughout your wedding planning!


Sound like you? We'd love to meet you


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Heyy! I'm an Arizona girl born and raised, moved to Nampa Idaho in spring of 2023 because I met this cute boy online, fell in love, and decided to take on this crazy fun adventure in life with him, we got married in September and I am SO thankful to be doing life with my best friend!
I've done photography for the last 8 years and feel so grateful to be doing this for my job and now with my hubs - literally a dream come true!
I'm definitely the silly one between the two of us so if you laugh at me for something I did, that's okay I'll be laughing too. 

My Favorites
Activity: Big fan of hanging at home with the fam, cuddled up and probs watching a show of some sort. Lover of coffee shop hangs, thrifting/shopping, traveling, playing card/board games, and eating all the good food! 
Food: Flamin Hot Lime Cheetos, Vegan nuggies, I'm a big pasta girlie & Black pep popcorn from Big Lots lol
Family Game Night: Hand & Foot, Ping Pong, Ticket to Ride, games that are gonna make us competitive in the best way and laugh!
Music: Country & Worship Music with a touch of Pop and Pop-Punk
Shows or Movies: Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, Bach In Paradise, the girly shows haha and Survival Competition Shows for sure
A random thing I love about my job: Getting your Save The Dates in the mail :)


I'm Jen's husband, the one behind the scenes a lot of the time taking a ton of video at shoots. Although I'm the funny one out of Jen & I, she will say I'm definitely the more business minded one with big dream & goals to pursue. It's probably true after 5 years of working in a Christian sports ministry with motocross athletes & having a competitive, growth mindset hungry to succeed. 

My Favorites
Sports: Motocross & Pro Supercross (Massive Justin Barcia & Christian Craig Fan)
Activity: Moto, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking
Food: Panda Express, Lemon Cake, Fish or Crab
Family Game Night: Anything Competitive with Laughs, Ping Pong, Ticket to Ride
Music or Artists: Country & Worship Music all day
Shows or Movies: The Ranch, Pirates of the Caribbean, Baby Daddy, How I Met Your Mother, Harry Potter, Survival Competition Shows

It's kinda crazy to jump all in on a business together with me joining my wife full time, but since Jen & I have a deep relationship with Jesus and are placing our faith in Him we felt that it was time to "take a step out of the boat and onto the water". It's honestly difficult to go all in with the plan that there is no second option, this is it... but when you can trust in Jesus that He will work all things out for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28), why not face your fears?

Simply J & C